Friday, August 14, 2015

Uber Continues Its Contempt for the Law and Lawmakers with UberPool & Xchange Leasing

Uber has announced two new programs that are actually already in effect (meaning they are going on now) despite that fact that they are both illegal: Uberpool and Xchange Leasing. Using leased cars for TNCs is currently illegal under the law and the Uberpool measure is in committee in Sacramento and has yet to be voted upon.

These were two major subjects about which cab drivers spoke at the CPUC hearings yesterday. The drivers would like  enforcement of the laws that are on the books.

These speeches were treated by the commissioners with the usual vacant stares.

It should be needless to mention that people riding in vehicles engaged in illegal activities would probably be uninsured in case of an accident but, such facts have never impressed a commissioner before, why would it do so now?

Oh – yes! Uber claims that this is a sample of their "providing transportation so inexpensive and reliable, people can actually sell their cars." 

Now, if they can get the 160,000 people currently driving for Uber (not to mention the new leased vehicles) off the streets Uber might really do something to improve the environment.

As it is, this is a classic case of Uber pissing on the back of the public and calling it rain.

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