Saturday, June 20, 2009

Players & Plans: SFCDA

Although they are the new kids on the block, the San Francisco Cab Drivers Association is the only group to consistently protest against the MTA's plans to extort money either by selling cabs or imposing fees on medallion holders. With refreshingly openness, President Barry Korengold consults with the general membership in order to formulate policies or plan actions.

SFCDA's plan calls for:
  • The preservation of Proposition K.
  • An "exit strategy" that would entail a gradual relaxation of the driving requirement. Korengold suggests that the requirement be reduced by 25% every five years and an additional 25% when a driver reaches 65.
  • Changes in the waiting list that include: drivers being automatically placed on the list when receiving an A-Card and the idea that drivers should be able to remain qualified once they meet a basic requirement of driving 9 out 10 continuous years.
  • A serious crack down on illegal limos that would create significant revenue for the City and allow for the issuance of "hundreds more permits" for legitimate taxicabs.
The proposal should appeal both to medallions holders who don't want transferability and to people high on The List.

Medallion holders who want to sell and regular drivers who want to buy of course will dislike it.

The plan also doesn't really address the fact that the waiting list moves much too slowly for many people - except once again by putting more taxis on the street.

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