Three Concord men were charged this week with robbery and attempted murder in connection with a Dec. 12 robbery of a San Francisco taxi driver.

The robbery occurred while the taxi driver waited for a fare in the 700 block of Arguello Street, San Francisco police said.

Two men approached him and demanded money while one of them pointed a gun at him. After he gave them his valuables they got in to a waiting car driven by a third man.

The taxi driver followed their car and called 9-1-1. During his pursuit one of the men inside the car shot in his direction but missed.

Officers responding to the call saw the car and stopped it.

Two of the men, identified as 31-year-old Darnell Hester and 20-year-old Douglas Dennett, were arrested on the spot.

Police identified 25-year-old Daniel Hester as the third suspect and arrested him three days later in Concord.

Besides robbery and attempted murder, all three were also charged with possession of stolen property and several firearm crimes.