Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nat Ford Serves a Facial

It's official. As of Monday 9/21/2009, Taxis & Accessible Services became Administration, Taxi & Accessible Services under Director Debra Johnson.

Instead of having our own division within the MTA we are now lumped into a cat-call sub-division that looks like this:

  • Equal Opportunity Contracting
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Customer Service
  • Employee and Labor Relations (for MTA employees)
  • Organizational Development and Training
  • Taxis
  • Accessible Services
Can't you just see the logic of the grouping?

Christiane Hayashi is still the head of Taxis but she's now Deputy Director who reports to Director Debra Johnson as well Executive Director Nathaniel Ford.

In practical terms, this means that Ms. Hayahsi has lost some of her freedom and power and will have to clear her actions with Debra Johnson before going ahead with them. As to whether this will effect her plans to crack down on illegal taxis and limos remains to be seen.

As to how this will effect the forthcoming Town Hall Meetings is also an open question.

One thing is certain: If Director Ford chooses to ignore the wishes of everyone in the Taxicab Business in going ahead with this change, it must be his way of telling us that:
  • What we want doesn't matter.
  • The Byzantine internal politics of the MTA are more important than the needs of the cab industry or the City of San Francisco.
  • We are under his thumb.
Welcome to the MTA.

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