Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hayashi Begins Busting Illegal Limos & Taxis

Deputy Director of Taxis Chris Hayashi together with Sergeant Inspector Ron Reynolds of the Taxi detail and a few motorcycle cops went on a hunt for illegal limos last Saturday Night.

Altogether the operation:
  • Handed out 9 misdemeanor citations.
  • Five to illegal taxis.
  • Four to illegal limos.
  • Eight Reports were written.
  • Ten taxis were contacted.
  • Ten Limos were contacted.
  • One of the limo drivers, who was a three time loser, also had his limousine towed.
  • 76 overtime hours were billed.
Director Hayashi said that she would be able to fine all nine violators $5,000 a piece.

Because this is San Francisco, the operation had a few unusual aspects - not the least of which was Director Hayashi's multicultural fashion statement. Wearing a green serape over a trench coat, a black shirt with Chinese calligraphy written on it and old-school, black Converse tennis shoes; she didn't look like the kind of chick who'd stick a badge in a guy's face. But she sure did it when she had to.

The star of the evening however was Sergeant Reynolds. He busted an illegal stretch-limo across the street from Beach Blanket Babylon that turned out to have been hired by a group of seniors celebrating the birthday of an 80 year old woman. Not wanting to put the aging people out on the street, Hayashi and Reynolds decided to only cite the driver for a waybill violation instead of a misdemeanor. After writing the ticket, Sgt Reynolds stuck his head into the back-seat of the limo and sang "Happy Birthday" to the woman.

Director Hayashi says that from now on the police will target illegal limos and taxis every Saturday night.

Maybe she can also change the lyrics of the "Cops" theme song to: "What's Ron gonna do when he comes for you?"

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