Friday, March 26, 2010

More Hayashi Interview

Chis Hayashi touched on a few more things during our interview the other day.

The Pilot Program

1. Medallion Holders who are 70 or over will be sent a letter giving them 30 days to decide whether or not to sell their medallions during the Pilot Program.

The question of whether or not they would be able to sell their medallions later would depend upon the final Prop-K reform which would probably be decided by The Advisory Council by 12-31-2010.

The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will consist of 15 members appointed by the Director of Transportation.

  • 1 member each shall be appointed from Yellow Cab, Luxor Cab and Desoto Cab.
  • 3 members shall be appointed from the other Color Scheme permit holders.
  • 3 members shall be Medallion Holders who are not employed as managers, dispatchers, cashiers, mechanics or administrative staff of a Color scheme.
  • 3 members shall be non-medallion holdering drivers NOT on the Waiting List.
  • 3 members shall be non-medallion holding drivers ON the Waiting List.
Council members shall serve a term of two years at the pleasure of the Director of Transportation. In the event of a vacancy the Director of Transportation should appoint a successor for the unexpired term

The Advisory Council shall prepare and provide to the Director of Transportation a report containing its assessment of the Taxi Medallion Sales Pilot Program and its recommendations regarding a long-term Medallion Reform program no later than 12-31-2010.

The Advisory Council shall terminate its operation two years from the date that all members have been appointed - unless the SFMTA Board extends the term of the group.

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