Friday, December 17, 2010

A - Card Renewal

The line was for A-card renewal extended about ten deep outside the MTA building last Wednesday when I took this photo.

The wait is part of the growing pains for Taxi Services as they bring everything relating to taxis under their wing; and is due to the fact that A-cards are only issued on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am - 11:30 and from 2pm to 4pm.

At the last TAC meeting, Jarvis Murry of Taxi services said that Mondays would also become available for picking up the A-cards after the first of the year.

Director Christiane Hayashi, who wasn't happy with the situation either, said that Taxi Services would switch to a birthday based deadline for the A-cards next year. She also said that lines were moving quickly despite their length and that most people were being processed in an hour or less.

My own in-depth reporting on this issue found the average wait from a little less than one hour to two hours, depending upon the time of day.

The first issue of the A-cards also caused a problem with some drivers.

The cards included not only a photo but the driver's date of birth and drivers license number. One driver at the recent TAC meeting was very upset by this because he thought that it could easily lead to identity theft.

Mike Harris of Taxis Services said that the DOB has already been eliminated from the newer cards and the initial letter has been dropped from the driver's license number. He said that drivers who didn't like their cards could exchange them for the newer version.

However, it might be a good idea to wait until after January 31st.


  1. The set up on the second floor where they hand out the applications is totally without planning. There are no chairs or surfaces where drivers can fill out their applications. They have to write on the wall or each others' backs. A few places to sit on a ledge allow the applicant to fill out the form on his/her lap. This for 88 bucks.

  2. Hey Ed,

    I just had to reply to this and say I waited about an hour on a Tuesday morning. So unorganized. Also I wanted to tell you that piece on the rudeness of the public and their racist attitudes was a great piece. So true!! Take good care,

    Brian Rosen

  3. Ed,

    I picked a Wednesday early in the day (9 am) to do my A-card and it only took me 35 minutes.

    Paul Harting

  4. I picked my A card up last Thursday 1/20/2011 and it still had my whole driver license on it. Must be the number of how we are tracked pivots off of. Every day when I start my meter I have to swipe my drivers license.wonder where all that information goes?

    H Mackinder