Saturday, January 7, 2012

Carl Macmurdo & the MHA Proposal

The introduction and a chart at the end of this piece have been edited out for for reasons of length. You should be able find the complete proposal at  Medallion Holders Association website. If you can't find it, blame Carl not me.

Carl notes in the introduction that after a Taxi Commission ruling in 2004 stating that drivers have to meet a "full time driving ... requirement" forced many elderly drivers to "work beyond their capacity" which lead to: major accidents, liability loses, reduced service, lawsuits and at least two suicides.

He goes on to say that an American with Disabilities Act lawsuit was settled by allowing two disabled plaintiffs to sell their medallions under the Pilot Program. Macmurdo added that 150 taxi drivers have now purchased medallions under the program, thus making up 10% of the fleet.

To read Carl's Proposal for Future Taxicab Medallion Distribution click below.

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