Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jeanette Du Day

Jeanette Du, Professor of the Foreign Language Department at City College of San Francisco, received an official proclamation declaring "Jeanette Du Day" on Wednesday May 16, 2012.  President David Chiu delivered this award for her on behalf of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  This is the highest award that can be given to a citizen of San Francisco.
Professor Du is the person responsible for opening my eyes and mind to the beauties of Chinese language, literature, art, cuisine, music and culture. Without her influence and the curiosity that her teaching awoke in me, I doubt that I would ever have travelled to China.
“Jeanette Du Day” was proclaimed in recognition for Professor Du’s 27 years of tenacious dedication in promoting diverse cross culture projects which include compiling a series of bilingual educational teaching materials in Multimedia; producing East Meets West theatrical events and performing in the Bay Area; creating language and music CDs and DVDs; being chosen for the Dictionary of Chinese Musicians as one of the top overseas Chinese musicians and making influential short films.  Moreover her many years of pioneer multimedia teaching at colleges, universities and companies in San Francisco and other projects has enlightened many thousands of students, audiences and readers illuminating them to  to Chinese language, culture, history, music, art and films.
Many students and friends of Professor Du attended the ceremony.  One of her students, Mr. Richard Fabian, graduated from Yale University in Chinese Study with summa cum laude and honors with highest distinction, is a well-known American Art collector in Chinese Paintings and calligraphers.  Another one, Ms. Faye Lee is one of the most reputable attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Perhaps the least distinguished of her students is me. But this highlights one of Professor Du’s other fine qualities - her humanity. Despite her high education, multiple talents and amazing accomplishments, she treats all people as her equals and works to bring the best from all her students. She gave me my first Mandarin lesson as a customer in my taxicab. She deserves a Nobel Prize for teaching this tone deaf “lao wai” how to speak her marvelous, musical language correctly. 
After the ceremony, people went to a nearby restaurant to celebrate “Jeanette Du Day”.

Selections from her books, CD's & DVD's can be found at her website,

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