Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SFMTA Board Authorizes 120 New Taxi Permits

Although the type of taxi permits were not part of the vote, it appears that they will be sold to the drivers at the top of the Waiting List for $125,000. The text of the amendment can be read below.

"Authorizing the Director to issue up to 120 new taxi permits in 2013 and up to an additional 200 new taxi permits in 2014; to offer such medallion permits to qualified applicants on the medallion waiting list, or lease medallion permits directly to drivers or to color scheme permit holders; establishing that all taxi medallionpermits shall be operated with a hybrid, electric or compressed natural gas vehicles; and amending Transportation code Section 1116 to reduce the Medallion Transfer price to $250,000, reduce the Reduced Medallion Transfer price to $125,000, and change the Medallion Surrender Price to $200,000."


  1. Hi Ed thanks for your great column, you could have been a newspaper man , then again you tend to tell the truth which might bar you from that profession anyways .In your above article you say the text of Amendment is below , I may be blind but don't see that text. Thank You

  2. You're not blind. The text is the second paragraph. I'll should have put it in quotes. Sorry.

    As for telling the truth baring me from being a journalist - it would probably put me on a black-list in this town.


  3. What is the basis for the 120 and 200? Did Hara offer any statistical or research foundation for this proposal?

  4. Yes. You can download his report from the Taxi Services website.

  5. Read the "Managing Taxi Supply" report. There is nothing there that justifies any particular number this year, next year, or ever. He just notes that there are not enough cabs and there are charts relating to taxi supply over the years. It just looks like his educated guess.

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