Monday, November 18, 2013

Fat City! Verifone Says We Have $30,000 Cab Shifts!

for Ed Healy’s Blog
By Christopher Fulkerson, Ph.D.

Head’s up, cab drivers.  You had better get a hand’s-on knowledge of what your dispatch service is saying about you.   The worst-case-scenario we previously imagined has been exceeded, by far.   Those nightmare inaccurate 1099s we feared might already be in the print queue.    Verifone is going to get us cab drivers into big trouble with the IRS.    Believe it or not, Verifone is recording that we have $20,000 and $30,000 shifts.   If the IRS believes Verifone, we’re sunk.

I recently discovered that Verifone’s Taxitronic site thinks that on July 20 I drove a $1776.05 shift.   How patriotic of me.    And on September 12, Taxitronic reports I drove a $30,032.14 shift.    That waybill is 101 pages long!   A 70-page waybill beginning September 27 states I drove a $20,727.14 shift.    I supposedly earned $1498 last Friday.    I am writing this to anticipate the possibility of a correspondingly inaccurate 1099 form being issued about me, or you, or anyone.    The waybill situation at Taxitronic is utterly, hopelessly messed up.   The site is worse than useless, it’s mendacious.   I know the blue light of that Verifone unit is burning my right to the tune of $30,000 inaccuracies.   At least two other medallion holders have had the same experience.   

For more detail you may consult my latest Report On the San Francisco Cab Industry, at my website:

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  1. Watch out yo. A long time ago I worked for a man who ran a technical recruiting firm. He had one 1099 contractor on site of a client for over a year. For one year he did not pay the 1099 contractor and reported to IRS the 1099 contractor made $75k. Who got the IRS chasing after him? The contractor.