Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What? They Have No Insurance?

This is a picture of a sign that, as far as I know, did not show up in any news coverage of the July 30, 2013 San Francisco taxi person protests against Lyft, Sidecar and  Uber x. One or two mass media outlets made passing mention of drivers claiming that the TNC's were not properly insured, but the brunt of the mass communications was that "cabbies" were protesting because they were losing money. And, who can forget ABC ending it's blurb with extended coverage of a pro-Lyft speech that Mayor Ed Lee had given months earlier?

Well ... the chickens are coming home to roost. Or, maybe, ostriches would be a better analogy. In any case, media scribblers are beginning to cover the results that some of us predicted would inevitably take place with the under-insured vehicles and under-vetted drivers of Lyft, Sidecar & Uber. In addition,  articles on the dangers of driving for the TNC's are beginning to turn up. (See Consumer Reports).

Here are a few that have recently come my way:

Uber customer claims abuse and assault by driver.

The Strange Tale of an Uber Car Crash ...

6 Year Old Struck and Killed in Tenderloin Crosswalk.

Uber-Affiliated Driver Arrested in Girls Death.

Should Uber be Held Accountable for Fatal Accident.

Taxi Drivers Demand More Oversight for Online Ride Services.

Uber x Driver ... Had a Record of Reckless Driving.

Lyft Driver Allegedly Attacks Pedestrian.

How Many Ridesharing Drivers Are Hiding Status From Insurers?

Uber Driver Locks Passenger in Car, Gives Himself Five-Star Rating.

Ride Apps Uber, Lyft, Sidecar Hit Speed Bumps.

Rough Patch for Uber Services Challenge to Taxis.

Cab ... give insurance firms license data on citizen competitors

Lyft Driver Hits Elderly Woman in San Francisco Crosswalk.

Notice to TNC Company Drivers.

Phil Matier: Wrongful Death Suit Could Change How Uber Does Business.

Consumer Reports: Don't Risk Your Car Insurance by Operating Your Vehicle as a Part-Time Taxi.

I'm sure this is the tip of the iceberg. Please feel free to send me links that I've missed. I'll publish them here.


  1. Do we know what became of this lawsuit from 2012?


    Cab drivers in San Francisco have filed a class action lawsuit against mobile taxi/town car app service Uber, alleging the company is engaging in unfair business practices by skirting rules that apply to traditional taxi services.

    The lawsuit was filed by of Leonid Goncharov and Mohammed Eddine, two longtime drivers for the San Francisco-based Luxor Cab.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Ed, I didn't make it to the last town hall meeting. Can you share what the meeting was all about?

  3. http://www.sfbg.com/2014/01/28/broken-bodies-broken-lives
    These guys are the worst...