Saturday, June 14, 2014

Finally – Regulators Start Regulating & Fining Uber, Lyft et al

Most cab drivers are aware that SFO is starting to crack down on Uber, Lyft et al but you may not know the details or realize that this is happening in other parts of the county. To help correct this oversight, I'm sharing some links on the subject – a few of which overlap but nonetheless help fill in the picture.

To me the two most hopeful signs are the fact that the tncs have turned the person most responsible for  legalizing Uber & Lyft, CPUC President Michael R. Peevey, against them; and that San Francisco Mayor Ed (Lyft Day) Lee refuses to come to their aid despite hefty campaign contributions from Uber-friendly Libertarians like Ron Conway. A sign that the world is turning against the worms?

Enjoy the links.

I suppose 'tis just a dream but wouldn't it be great not to have to look at this douchey mustache again?


  1. as always good work ed. do you know what it takes to get the sfo permit decal ? first thing they ask you is "what is your tcp number?" if is not active at the cpuc site. you are done, go home, getta out of here. they wont even talk to you any further. feisty bunch at sfo gtu.

    ...and we all know that getting a tcp number active ain't no picnic, 4-figure investment, and at least an 8 month process. gotta love this.

  2. Great News..

    See you tomorrow,Tuesday 17 at the town hall meeting.

  3. This is the first encouraging thing I've heard in a long time. Fingers crossed that more scrutiny and serious crackdowns are ahead.