Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three Cheers for the SFCDA & Keep Those Photos Coming

The photos the drivers have been sending to the San Francisco Cab Drivers Association (SFCDA) are being used by insurance companies to warn drivers that they are not insured if they are driving for Lyft, Uber or the rest.

The photos are also being used as evidence in a suit filed by the Taxi Paratransit Association of California (TPAC)  against the California Public Utilities Commission's (CPUC) violation of the California Environmental Protection Act (CEQA).

Barry Korengold says,

"This data base has been an invaluable tool in our efforts to demonstrate the number of these vehicles and the negative impact that they've had on the environment."

Unfortunately, many drivers have recently eased off in sending in the photos. I confess to being the worst. I mean, it's a pain in the ass to keep the camera always ready to shoot whenever these miscreants turn up ... and they turn up endlessly. Cab driving is exhausting anyway. But there are more and more "S.H.I.T.S."(Smartphone Hailable Illegal Taxi Services) out there. There are an estimated five or six thousand active "tncs" woking every weekend and we need to document that fact.

The photos also help environmentalists understand that rather than taking cars off the road they are actually creating congestion and greenhouse gases.

So please keep the photos coming. For those of you who are new at shooting evil, contact Trevor Johnson at trevor@sfcda.org to find out how to upload the photos properly.

The important thing is to capture both the license plate and the symbol in the same shot – be it the pink mustache, the Uber U, the Sidecar sock or whatever.

I think it's past time to give the SFCDA the credit that they deserve. In my 30 years in the cab business I've belonged to or dealt with several cab driver organizations and the SFDCA has been by far the most effective and the most persistent of them all. They've fought for the cab drivers at the SFMTA, at the CPUC and now at the State Legislature.

So I want to give special thanks to Barry Korengold, Trevor Johnson, Jeffery Rosen, Francoise Spiegleman, Jam Khajvandi, the late Tori Lansdown and the rest for all the work they've done over the years without getting paid for it.

Three cheers! If we're still in the game we owe it to you guys.


  1. Photography is fun, getting assaulted, almost hit by vehicles , extorted and held against my will even more fun

    1. What about retaliation from the regulatory personnels.

  2. Its tough to be on the road taking photos of SHITs and most of the hide their signs. Sometimes take the plate with the phone in view is best option and use circular polarizer to clear the reflections.
    I had about 200 last time and so far about 250 in my memory card. I will put them up when I have enough time to spend. I am trying to make money to pay the rent first and keep the family under the roof.

  3. http://www.theverge.com/2014/8/26/6067663/this-is-ubers-playbook-for-sabotaging-lyft

    Ride for Hire


    The private vehicles identified below have been observed in apparent commercial use as rides for hire. Upon this publication, insurance carriers are hereby notified that failure to investigate and/or take remedial action, as appropriate, may negate their right to refuse coverage in the event of an accident.

    WRS 4889 VA Black Toyota NW 8/1/14
    1AH9023 MD Gray Honda NW 8/1/14
    7CYY06 MD Gray Toyota NW 8/1/14
    ED8900 DC Brown Chevrolet NW 8/1/14
    6BG0599 MD Ford SUV NW 8/2/14
    1BK4539 MD Silver Ford NW 8/2/14
    VAF1419 VA White Toyota NW 8/2/14
    3CFF34 MD Nissen NW 8/2/14
    WZC2230 VA Toyota NW 8/2/14
    WWT4390 VA Black Chevrolet NW 8/2/14
    WYJ 1939 VA Gray Lexus NW 8/2/14
    1BH7687 MD Silver Toyota NW 8/2/14
    WMM2265P VA Silver Nissen NW 8/2/14
    WNT 1974 VA Black Toyota NW 8/2/14
    6BM1113 MD NW 8/3/14
    XJX6383 VA Black Toyota NW 8/2/14
    VBS6617 VA Toyota NW 8/4/14
    WMN 3732 VA Toyota NW 8/4/14
    WMG4235 VA Black Toyota NW 8/5/14
    WMK8482 VA Black Hyundai CAPITOL HILL 8/5/14
    VAZ8846 VA Nissen NW 8/5/14
    1BK6024 MD Gray Honda NW 8/5/14
    WPC4755 VA Black Honda NW 8/6/14
    XEY1340 VA Toyota 8/6/14
    6AX8869 MD Gray Toyota NW 8/7/14
    VAX1583 VA Toyota NW 8/9/14
    EL1678 DC Blue Toyota NW 8/11/14
    3BL9951 MD Black Toyota NW 8/12/14
    WPM2238 VA Black Toyota NW 8/12/14
    WPG6558 VA Black Honda NW 8/14/14
    6XN397 WV Black Toyota NW 8/4/14
    WNX3491 VA Gray Chevrolet NW 8/8/14
    VAX3054 VA Silver Lexis NW 8/8/14
    VXP3940 VA Red Hyundai NW 8/8/14
    WMP3729 VA Gray Toyota NW 8/8/14
    WVL4800 VA Blue Toyota NW 8/8/14
    1BN2551 MD Black Toyota NW 8/14/14
    5BD0211 MD Silver Toyota NW 8/14/14
    VCC2192 VA Blue Toyota NW 8/14/14
    EM3039 DC Toyota 8/15/14
    WPN4138 VA Gray Honda NW 8/15/14
    WVE2435 VA Black Nissen NW 8/15/14
    WMU9213 VA Gray VW NW 8/15/14
    FREENY VA White Toyota NW 8/15/14
    EN3844 DC Black Toyota NW 8/15/14
    ER2828 DC Gray Honda NW 8/15/14
    3BK7773 MD Red Honda NW 8/15/14
    VAT8771 VA Gray Honda NW 8/15/14
    VCA7986 VA Black Dodge NW 8/16/14
    VAA4017 VA Gray Toyota NW 8/16/14
    3AH7254 MD Black Toyota NW 8/16/14
    8BM5685 MD Silver Ford NW 8/17/14
    XCM3788 VA Black Toyota UNION STATION 8/17/14

  5. http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/On-demand-services-top-S-F-taxis-in-arrival-5729347.php

    the comicle at its worst, and this study, totally ignoring flywheel, disgraceful and irresponsible

  6. Cock sucker cabbies, 99.9% of passenger experiences with you guys are negative. You guys drive like maniacs, steal, don't let passenger pay with cc, get mad if it's a short ride, your cabs smell like shit, you dont speak English, it's so unsafe to get into a cab because no one has a record people got in it. Wtf? If you can't beat them join them, you had a monopoly for the longest & now someone comes with a brighter idea and your mad? Fuck you!,

    Trevor Kalanick

  7. It's too bad that you are too stupid to understand that insurance companies go by VIN not by license pates... but keep going! A for effort... F for stupidity.

    Senile Paul

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  9. Glad to see this post!

    I've been sending Lyft licenses to the data base, and I will continue to do so.
    But I keep wondering where and how they are being used. Are these licenses being submitted to the CA Insurance Commissioner? Or to insurance companies? Can someone please clarify?