Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday

Two women from SantaCon wish you a very,  Merry Christmas.

I can only double their cheer. Because I'm beginning to think that the taxi business isn't going to tank after all.

 The world is beginning to get it. The press is beginning to write what we've been saying all along.

But Uber's bs never stops. I don't know which is my favorite quote from the techie snake-oil sales folks:

The South Koreans are paying a bounty to anyone who reports an Uber driver "operating illegally within the city limits. The Seoul government will pay anyone who reports a case of an unlicensed driver carrying paying customers up to 1 million won (a little more than $900)."

Uber's response? "... Uber does not believe it is appropriate for authorities to seek to punish drivers who are trying to make a living through this service," Uber spokeswoman Evelyn Tay said in a statement.

And, "Uber vowed to cooperate with South Korea's legal system, saying it was "confident that its service is legal in the country." Another way of saying that Uber understands Korea's laws better than they do.

But I think the following quote tops everything because in a rare moment of honesty Uber spokesperson Taylor Bennet said that they don't fingerprint because "it takes too long." "It's a very long process, it could take up to months," Bennet said. "Our hires can happen in days time."

Well that clear that up. It's just what we've always said: Uber thinks that its customers will have to put up with an occasional hammer attack or rape in order to boost Uber's bottom line.

The most interesting thing about the statement is that Bennet apparently thinks that his explanation is morally and legally acceptable. He's been hanging with Travis way too long.

But read some recent stuff for yourself. It indeed could be a happy New Year.


  1. Merry Christmas, Ed-- did you see Nitasha Tiku's story about the subprime financing scheme?

  2. seems like your images in the left frame are hijacked . Is it or not? go check. I just noticed.

    1. Yes ... I think so too. I'm trying to stream my out there but I haven't learned how to do it yet.

    2. Heh. Is that why.. I couldn't quite understand the cryptic meaning or extremely subtle humor behind a bunch of gorgeous sunsets.. maybe C.A. just likes sunsets.