Monday, February 9, 2015

Uber Win's an Award for What?

I thought I'd pass on an article and a video that sum up what Uber really deserves
  awards for – 

as opposed to the self-serving prize handed to itself by Uber investor Tech Crunch. 

This great pic comes from an article from the Daily Beast.

This video, called Riding Dirty: How Uber Takes Drivers and Passengers for
 a Ride is one of the best summaries of this corrupt and dangerous 
venture-capitalized corporation that I've seen.

There are a few weaknesses however:

1. The video fails to point out that Uber's lower prices are only in effect
 when people don't use many cabs. Prices go up from 1.5 times to 9 times
 the ordinary rate when people actually need cabs.

2. If taxies were to be run out of business one could expect to pay price-gorging 
rates (i.e. "surge-pricing") all the time.

3. Even with hybrid policies, Uber's insurance would still give cover far less coverage 
than is standard for taxis.

4. Uber, given the number of vehicles on the street, is a major polluter and 
street congester – definitely NOT a friend of the environment.

5. The reason Uber's background checks are sketchy is that they REFUSE 
TO FINGERPRINT APPLICANTS which is the standard background
 check for any driving and most other jobs of any kind in the U.S.A.

6. Most of what is said about Uber applies equally to Lyft.

Anyway – Enjoy.

And thanks to Hansu Kim for passing on the Video.



  1. Hi there, thanks for your informative blog on Uber. I emailed them a few days ago to ask them about their security in Canada. They referred me to a web page that claims to do extensive background checks, and, even more interestingly, claims to have every driver covered to the tune of "5 million US" by an "A+ rated insurer," whose name, alas, the page fails to mention. I've asked them who their insurer is, but have not received an answer to date. I don't suppose you would happen to know who the insurer is who's evidently willing to insure illegally operating drivers in Canada? (I live in Edmonton).

  2. They partially insure their drivers some of the time for 1 million total liability not 1 million per person as is the case in taxis. So if there are 5 people in a car you divide the 1 million by 5. If you are a pedestrian and you get hit by an Uber without a driver you might collect as much as $50,000. If you are a ped and hit by an Uber you might get the 1 million but Uber will fight to your death not to pay you.

    the 5 million is a flat out lie. I can't remember who insures them at the moment but they are not highly thought of.

    They must have taxis in Canada. I'd ride in one of those.