Thursday, November 12, 2009

The SFCDA Meeting: Chris Hayashi Strikes Again

The indefatigable Deputy Director of Taxis, Chris Hayashi, took a break from washing her car and turned up to speak at the SFCDA meeting on Wednesday.

Many of the drivers had not attended Town Hall meetings so the session was largely a matter of bringing people up to date.

A few of the non-medallion holding drivers expressed fear of retaliation from the companies if they spoke openly at public meetings. One large mouthed medallion holder claimed that the companies would be afraid to mess with a driver once he or she became publicly known. Nonetheless, many of the drivers at this meeting clearly did not want to be photographed.

Many of the drivers also did not want to see any changes in Prop. K and there was a lively debate with many points of view expressed. As of yet, the SFCDA has not come up with a working position on taxicab reform. It is still a work in progress.

Ms. Hayashi fielded comments and questions for two and a half hours. The discussion was multi-faceted and open-ended. Among other things, many drivers became convinced that they should be attending the Town Hall meetings.

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