Sunday, November 29, 2009

Barry Korengold Clarifies His "Criteria for Compromise"

Barry Korengold (photo) wanted so many changes in my post of his plan that I decided to turn the editorial juggling over to him.

I think the explanation of our "plan" would work better presented as a "criteria." As we don't really give any specific details, these are conditions that must be met by any plan that would get our support.

Also, it's called "Criteria for a Compromise". The word "solution" is not in the title. The SFCDA would consider a compromise if these conditions are met:
  • The principles of one driver per medallion and a minimum driving requirement of 800 hours per year would be maintained.
  • Most medallions would continue to be issued to those on the waiting list as they have been, with nominal processing fees.
  • Only a small percentage of medallions would become transferable at a fixed price, subject to adjustments for inflation.
  • Qualified drivers on The List would be offered "the right of first refusal" in the order that they're on the list.
  • Low interest loans would be made available to all qualified medallion applicants. This would include loans for the down payment.
  • A fixed price for a medallion would be set at a fiqure that allows a new medallion holder to increase his or her income after making payments on a loan - without having to work more than 40 hours per week.
  • A percentage of any transfer fee would go to a drivers fund.

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