Friday, December 16, 2011

TAC Votes for Taxis to Have Own Division

The Taxi Advisory Council voted 11 to 1 to advise the SFMTA to return Taxi Services to a Division status within the SFMTA.

Taxi Services came into the MTA as a Division and was demoted to a subdivision by former Executive Director Nat Ford because he thought that sucking up to Gavin Newsom would help his résumé. Last I heard Ford could't find a job and opened a consulting firm, although God only knows what subject that he's qualified to consult on - certainly not taxicabs.

There is no rational reason to have the Deputy Director of Taxi Services under the control of people who don't understand the cab business - as is the situation now. The biggest problem is that everybody thinks that they understand taxis (A member of the Citizen's Advisory Council was insulted when a cab driver tried to educate him about the business, saying "I've ridden cabs for years.") and make absurd decisions based on their ignorance of this unique and complex industry.

It's untimely a matter of power and respect and, until Taxi Services does become a division, we will never have the leadership we need.

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  1. How about each Medallion owner put, his/her name on the title of the car and pay all applicable taxes