Monday, July 30, 2012

Hayashi Once Again Becomes Director Of Taxis

Athough there has yet to be an official announcement, Christiane Hayashi is now listed as the Director of the SFMTA Division of Taxi & Accessible Services.

Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin, who is solely responsible for the decision, is to be commended for taking his time, studying the situation and making the right choice.

Ms. Hayashi has been a controversial figure and the object of numerous misguided personal attacks.

Hayashi was demoted from Director to Deputy Director in September of 2009 by Reiskin's predecessor Nathaniel Ford because she refused to endorse the schemes of former Mayor Gavin Newsom and MTA Director Malcolm Heinicke (see below).

The taxi industry should also be given more power and respect as a result of her promotion.


  1. This is the best news in Taxi Industry oversight and enforcement that we have had in a long time. Congratulations to Christiane Hayashi.

    DoT Ed Reiskin is to be commended for realizing that certain central problems he inherited are best solved by letting the most qualified person handle them.

    Damage has been done through the surprise allowance of 90-hour weeks for supposedly "single operator" medallions, not proposed at more than 60 hour weeks in public meetings. I hope Miss Hayashi is inclined to, and able to, return this type of medallion to that which was discussed at such great length by so many people, and so wrongly and so suddenly changed. Since the 60 hour version was the one in writing on the MTA Board's table, the sudden change does represent another violation of Sunshine Ordinance regulations.

  2. Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation is to be commended for making the right choice with DIRECTOR of Taxi Services, Christiane Hayashi. Kudos to him and her. The taxi industry and all interested parties are better served with this lineup. paul harting, retired SF cab driver (34 years).