Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SFMTA Wants the Waiting List Killed

Actually they phrased it differently.

"Staff recommends that the Board adopt amendments to Transportation Code Sections 1103 and 1116 to authorize transferring taxi medallions to the first 150 qualified taxi drivers on the taxi medallion waiting list at a discounted medallion price, and to provide that the SFMTA will no longer issue taxi medallions to drivers on the medallion waiting list at the cost of the application fee." 


"Staff recommends that 150 medallions be transferred to the first 150 qualified applicants on the waiting list at a price of $150,000 each, and that no further medallions be distributed to applicants on the waiting list for the cost of the application fee." 

You can find the entire draft proposal at the url below.

Please find attached a draft proposal for the medallion waiting list, to be considered at the Town Hall meeting of October 30 (see , and the SFMTA Board meeting of November 20.  


  1. what do you think about this Ed?

  2. What? The lead photo doesn't give you clue?

  3. hahahah that is a scary picture to be do you think the list is dead?

    It's so hard to deal with these sfmta guys cause I can't even get my head around how to stop them legally.

    It is even hard to for me to find out what the board of sfmta monthly salaries are and who are their bosses, do we go to board of supervisors to stop this , cause it is moving fast, or just try and get a good lawyer and sue as fast as possible and if you are one of the 150 on the list do you buy anyways even if it's not fair?

  4. I don't know how to stop these bastards either. They have no ethics and their only interest is getting money. The Board members of the SFMTA don't officially. This may be why Bruce Oka is no longer on the board since he was apparently getting paid by the Russian speaking cab companies. Reiskin as Director of Transportation is making around $300,000 per year. He was chosen by the SFMTA Board. The members of the Board are chosen by the Mayor and/or the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors have no official control over the cab business but they are all airheads who think they all can be President some day. As for backing cab drivers, the majority of them wanted to stop the meter increase from going through last year as a punishment for cab drivers not picking up enough customers. Weiner of whatever his name is thinks uber is great.

    A suit would seem to be the only way to stop this. But ...

  5. Need to correct this. Stiff suffering from jet lag.

    The board members don't officially get paid.

    "... OR whatever his name is.

  6. thanks for your input anyways i respect it and get the jist, get some sleep i look forward to hear more of your opinions..

  7. Does anybody find it fishy that number 150 on the current waiting list [] is Christopher Sweis? Also, a number of people on the list are current ramp permit holders. Will they be expected to pony up $150K as well if they want a regular permit?

    1. They make it up day by day so who knows