Friday, October 26, 2012

Will You Be Owned?

I've never done this before but it appears to be in a good cause.

As reported in The Atlantic (a highly respected magazine). the Supreme Court will be hearing a case where they will decide whether or not people can legally resell items that they have legally purchased, such as: iPad's, watches, Macbooks, cameras, etc.

Apparently certain corporations want you to get permission from the manufacturer before you can resell any copyrighted item made or assembled in another country. Since I intend to start reselling my Japanese made cameras soon, it is a subject that is dear to me.

The case will be presented to the Supreme Court on Monday, October 29th and some political types are organizing an online protest.

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  1. Ed Healy heard you were in China. Any interesting stories and pictures. Did your companion take you to newly undiscovered places? I am sure the readers would appreciate your travelogues that you do after each trip. An avid follower.

  2. Yes I did go to unusal places like the mountains where they shot Avator, Confucius' hometown where every other person claims to be related to him and Jian, a city of underwater fountains where they are more illegal cabs where there are legal ones but you still can't get a taxi 5 pm. Another point of interest is that the cabs all have top lights but you can never tell if a customer is inside or not.

    I will write about it but, at the moment, the trauma of local cab drivers seems more important.

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