Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Media Catches Up With Lyft, Sidecar & Other Illegal, Faux Rideshares

Here are links to recent media articles concerning the hazards of riding or working for Lyft , Sidecar and other illegal taxicabs (see driver in photo). These posts are a welcome sight after a year of unabashed adulation by techie rags like TechCrunch and the local papers. Did I mention uncritical?  Most of the coverage could have been written by the marketing departments of the fake carsharing corporations. The less-than-intrepid reporters did little more than take down bogus statements of Lyft CEO John Zimmer & Sidecar CEO Sunil Paul et al like brain-washed groupies quoting their gurus.

(To read the articles click below)

The first two posts are by attorney Christopher B. Dolan in the SF Examiner: Know the risks of rideshare services & Ridesharing is also bad for drivers.

There are also three posts by Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond:
Faux cabs: A tourism industry Perspective, Dealing with faux cabs & The Cost of fake cabs.

Unfortunately, Mr. Redmond was forced out of the Bay Guardian by new ownership so that may be the end of pro cab driver articles from that source.

Also recommended is Life Behind The Wheel In The New Rideshare Economy by Justine Sharrock.

Finally, a few old posts by me might still be read with interest:

100,000 Uninsured Rides and Counting: Undercover at Lyft and Sidcar

100,000 Uninsured Rides and Counting: If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, will it bark if you call it a dog? 

My Reply Comments to the CPUC on Lyft, Sidecar & Willie Brown


  1. That's nice. I hear that Mayor Lee signed a Proclamation declaring Saturday July 13th, "Lyft Day."

  2. I don't know if this is a hoax or not but the article talks about lyft taking over muni routes

  3. ok i just posted that lyft bus thing and it turns out to be an april fools joke...thought it might be a hoax then again, im sure there are people out there think about privatizing the bus service..

  4. This blog does not have many readers lmao