Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Say, "Down with Lyft": CPUC Say, "Down with Us"

San Francisco taxicab drivers held the biggest protest yesterday in the thirty years that I've been driving a cab. As a low estimate, 1,000 taxicabs circled City Hall. There may have been more. A crowd filled the steps. There were numerous brilliant speeches given by cab drivers, handicapped people, a taxi company owner and the head of a credit union.

At approximately the same time as the protest ended, I received this e-mail from the CPUC.

3:43 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
This email provides service of Cmmr Peevey's Proposed Decision. The full text is made available through the link provided below on July 30, 2013. A Notice of Availability has been served by mail to all persons on the service list.

Summary: Proposed Decision Decision adopting rules and regulations to protect public safety while allowing new entrants to the transportation industry. Opening comments, which shall not exceed 15 pages, are due no later than August 19, 2013. Reply comments, which shall not exceed 5 pages, are due 5 days after the last day for filing opening comments. .

In the event of problems with the e-mail or the internet link, please contact Antonina Swansen at
avs@cpuc.ca.gov, (415) 703-2546.

The afore-mentioned "internet link" did not work for me. So, the above is all I have for the moment. ABC news has reported that the decision will allow the illegal rideshares to become legal. But any relation between what ABC reports and reality is purely accidental. Until I can actually read what Swansen sent me, I won't understand what the decision really means.

In the meantime, we have thirty days from either now or the 24th to formulate arguments to sway the CPUC commission of the virtues our positon. In the meantime here are some photographs of the rally.


  1. http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2013/07/30/california-puc-proposes-legalizing-ride-sharing-companies-lyft-sidecar-uber/

    So sweet.

  2. I just tried to post something with WordPressID that didn't go through Ed. It is an important idea I want to share with community so I will post here again.
    The number one argument that should be used against gypsy cabs(TNC) is :
    The destruction of regulated cab industry is not in the best interest of the San Francisco community.
    This argument is simple , honest , easy to explain and true.
    Cab industry , is a transportation business that should be looked at and regulated like any public utility.
    We need to get the City Attorney , Chamber of commerce , Cab industry involved in this process of protecting regulating cab industry as greater public good.
    If cab industry is deregulated:
    Transportation from airport to city will be disrupted
    restaurant will suffer
    hotels will suffer
    vacationing tourists will suffer
    San Francisco workers getting to and from work will suffer
    Disabled will suffer
    Elderly will suffer
    people affected by untrained, under supervised, under insured,under background checked drivers will suffer
    city will suffer from congestion
    city will suffer from pollution many more non hybrid cars driven around and non hybrid cars

  3. Ed. Check your amazing... Email. I sent it

  4. I second the above argument, it is the real reason the taxi industry needs to be first saved and then secondly have its problems fixed, insurance problems are a bump in the road and will be resolved, they are a diversion from the real issues. In addition, i believe a properly regulated taxi cab industry will provide better wages than a deregulated one. In a city that supposedly values a living wage for its workers and residents this should matter. Fair Trade, Not Free Trade.

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