Thursday, January 28, 2016

Taxis Will Have a Dedicated Drop Off and Pick up Area at Levi Stadium for SB50

Contrary to a rumor published in an online rag (and passed on without thought by me), taxicabs will have a dedicated drop off and pick up area at Levi Stadium.

According to the Super Bowl 50 Committee Host Media Team,

"The reporter got this information incorrect. We have the correct information on our website

You can take a taxi - there is a dedicated space for taxis. Please see the map here.

Uber is the only rideshare to have a dedicated pick-up and drop-off zone, but people can certainly take a Lyft to the game. There will be shared curb space for pick-ups and drop-offs for other companies like Lyft, limo companies etc.

Also, you can purchase a parking pass for any type of private vehicle so RV, car, limo etc."

I did have a few other questions but the SP50 Media Team didn't write back. 

The other questions were:
  • It looks like the cab drop off is about the same distance as the one for Uber. Is this correct?
  •  Can a taxi park and wait at the Dedicated Pick up and Drop Off Area?
  • If not, how will taxis know when they should line up to pick up after the game?
  • If not, where can they park to wait?
 My final and most interesting question was:

Has Uber agreed not to "surge price" the Super Bowl customers as part of the agreement to give them their own lot?

I think we can the take answer for this as a "no" – which is good news for cab drivers working the shift. Uber's price gouging will surely be at least fives times higher than the meter and a half we charge. 

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  1. Hi Ed,

    Please refer to

    All the information you are requesting should be listed! There is a dedicated zone, but our committee is not responsible for the lot at Levi's, so the information on the site is all we can really give you!

    Hope it helps!
    Super Bowl Host Committee Media Team