Sunday, April 25, 2010

Supershuttle and the Airport by Murai

I haven't played the airport in years and don't know what is going on there now. Murai has always been an airport player and is closely involved in recent developments so I'm turning this post over to her.

Cab Drivers give great service!
Cab Drivers deserve fair pay!

Super Shuttle prices to Millbrae, So SF and San Bruno
  • $18 - One passenger
  • $28 - Two passengers
  • $38 - Three passengers
  • $48 - Four passengers
If we had a minimum of $25 plus a $3 pass through fee to the customers, It would still be a great deal. This would be the same as two people going to Millbrae on Super Shuttle.

One person can take BART or Super Shuttle to Millbrae if they have two hours to spare in order to save themselves $10. However, I personally experienced the following:
  • BART does not go to Millbrae until after 7 pm and on weekends.
  • In other words, no BART train goes directly to Millbrae during working and commute hours.
  • You have to go to San Bruno and transfer.
I spent two hours trying to get Super Shuttle to take me to the Millbrae BART.
  • The starter at Super Shuttle International suggested that I take the free shuttle to the Airport BART and then take the BART to Millbrae, not mentioning that I would have to transfer at San Bruno.
  • The 2nd time I tried, a starter told me that I could walk up a long walkway and get a free bus ride to Millbrae BART. A woman standing there told me that there would be a 25 minute wait for the bus. I called the airport and was told that the bus was only for employees.
  • The 3rd time, the starter asked me if I really wanted to pay $20? I told him that that was not the correct fee but I did want go to Millbrae. He said that he could make a reservation but there would be a seven minute wait.
  • I then went to Super Shuttle at the United domestic terminal. Two empty shuttles were parked in line. The starter told me that she'd need the zip code before they could take me to the Millbrae BART. I told her that I didn't know the zip code. She said that she didn't know the zip code either. I insisted that she look it up. Then she said she could order me a shuttle but it would be a 5 to 15 minute despite the fact that the shuttles were still sitting there.
I wish someone else with renewed energy would try to get a Super Shuttle to Long Term Parking, San Bruno or South San Francisco to see if that would be easier.

Calling for information is useless because they will probably tell you that there is no problem as long you book ahead and pay by credit card.

Later I went to the alternative shuttle stand (Laurie's etc) and was told that they don't do short rides.
  • They only go to the city.
  • The starter suggested that I take the free bus to the Airport BART and take BART to Millbrae.
What wrong with this picture? Much:
  • They get $18 for the service.
  • Taxis get as little as $13.
  • Furthermore (adds Ed Healy) we can lose our jobs for refusing to convey while the shuttles are apparently allowed to turn down fares with no penalty.
I suggest:
  1. A minimum fare of $25 for taxi rides.
  2. Cab drivers pay a $4 airport charge for each ride but charge $3 for each trip back to the customer.
  3. For prompt door-to-door service, it is a fair price.
A minimal fare would improve moral on those disappointing after 11pm rides when you seldom get another trip to the city.

Cab Drivers give great service!
Cab Drivers deserve fair pay!

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