Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chris Hayashi at the CPUC

Director of Taxi Services Christiane Hayashi (photo) gave two powerful speeches at the recent CPUC hearing on Order Instituting Rulemaking on Regulations Relating to Passenger Carriers, Ridesharing, and New Online-Enabled Transportation Services.

Hayashi illuminated issues obscured by the rhetoric of both the so-called NOETS and the CPUC spokespersons. She also explained the negative consequences for the public of legalizing these bogus taxicab services.

The first talk begins with a comment on sharing the podium with Uber. The joke is that Uber had held court for over forty minutes before Director Hayashi was given the opportunity to speak. And, of course, Uber and Hayashi don't like each other very much.

The second talk is brilliant and impassioned. It's ending also points out the varying levels of respect given by the CPUC to the spokenperson for the City of San Francisco and the one for Uber.

A CPUC "facilitator" rudely shut down Director Hayashi before she had a chance to finish by claiming that Illya Abyzov, a manager for Uber, had only been given two minutes to talk before his Q & A. Actually Uber attorney Ed O'Neil's introduction of Mr. Abyzov took two minutes by itself and, as I mentioned before, the entire performance took up over forty minutes with Illya neither saying much nor answering any question he didn't like. The kicker is that Illya Abyzov is not listed as a "Party" to the Rulemaking. That is to say - he should not have been allowed to speak at all.

You might also have noticed that Hayashi was cut off precisely when she was about to give the "specific" ideas for change that the "facilitator" claimed to be asking for.


  1. Ed,

    Thanks for posting these videos. I hope there are some people at the CPUC who are as smart as Director Hayashi. It's really infuriating that she even has to stand there and point out the obvious. And then get removed from the podium!

    Why aren't the drivers who saved, borrowed and scraped together $250,000 to buy a medallion and help the city get out of debt considered entrepreneurs? Shouldn't the Mayor be protecting them over these start-up with a phone app? I guess they don't donate enough for election fund raisers or throw sexy tech crunch award ceremonies in which he is invited to speak. All politics and money with no real care about the people of the city accept those who line pockets and help with re-election. I'd leave my real name but Ron Conway and his henchmen might come after me.

  2. Bravissima, Chris Hayashi. No one can be surprised that the CPUC could not long tolerate precise criticism on the actual legal points.

    The idea that Uber should have equal clock time with Hayashi is a notion so crazy that it can only be proposed in a psych ward like San Francisco. I am reminded of the John Adams opera where equal musical time is given to the terrorists as to their opponents, as if that is how justice works. Except, what Chris Hayashi does is more important than any opera.

  3. I only watched half of the video to this blog post so far, and it appears Chris Hayashi did very well which I appreciate. I didn't notice any helpers from San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera helping Chris. It would nice if Mr. Herrera would send some of his heavy hitters to back up Chris in the future, we need the whole weight of the city government behind the just and fair cause of safety, fairness and regulation here.

    1. Mariam Morley from the City Attorney's office was there representing the SFMTA and SFO. She said these services are not "rideshares" and are simply illegal. Chris Hayashi was representing the SFMTA and the International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR).

  4. Hey Ed, Do you know if its true that Willie Brown really said that any monkey can drive a cab, cause if thats true he's getting a standing ovation from my middle finger the next time he try's to flag me.